How the development of a digital strategy transformed a bricks and mortar Oriental food company into a successful online food provider

The UK takeaway industry is currently worth approximately $8bn and is set to increase as more and more people turn away from the telephone and look to the convenience of the internet to source their meals. London has the greatest number of takeaways in the UK with a 13.7% share, and as home to more than 7.5 million residents, it is more important than ever that London-based restaurants and other food providers in particular develop an online presence as well as their bricks and mortar establishment, to provide information about their company and the food they offer, as well as making vital contact with their customers via social media to build a loyal fan base and strengthen their brand.

The main problem our Docklands-based client had was that they were unsure how to go about developing this area of their business, coupled with an inability to take on additional employees who were experienced in implementing a digital presence. We managed to solve this problem by providing them with access to the skills and knowledge base of our Digital Marketing and Food and Beverage teams, delivering to the client a thorough understanding of the digital marketing tools available to them.

Working closely with our client, we developed a digital strategy to establish a greater presence online, and thereby enable them to engage with their customers on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. We made them aware of the positive effects on consumer awareness a company blog could have, such as giving the company a personal ‘face’ as well as providing opportunities for customers to submit feedback, and we were able to provide them with regular content for inclusion. In addition, the creation of a company database served as a hub of information to power the company’s promotional offers and execute special deals.

Before long, the company was able to enjoy marked success thanks to two new digital marketing campaigns which broadened the scope of the business and brought their product to a much wider audience. The business showed record profits over the Christmas period, and the campaigns had led to a 70% increase in customer engagement via social media.

Following on from these achievements, we are now working towards the development of an ordering system where their faithful and discerning customers can order their authentic Oriental food online.