Growth Vouchers

What are Growth Vouchers?

Growth Vouchers are a government initiative that provides small businesses with access to consultancies and services that will help them to experience sustainable growth.

Part of this scheme is the Enterprise Nation Marketplace, a research project that will provide accredited Growth Advisors for small businesses, to see how they can best be helped in respect of expansion.


Which businesses can apply?

  • You can apply for Growth Vouchers if your business:
  • Is located in England
  • Currently employs 49 staff or less
  • Has been operating for a minimum of 12 months
  • Has not sought strategic business advice within the last 3 years


What advice will I be able to access?

With the Growth Vouchers scheme, you can gain advice on:

  • How to manage your business’s cash flow, negotiate finances, and deal with late payments
  • How to recruit new employees and develop skills
  • Improve your management of your workforce and leadership skills
  • Engage in marketing to attract and retain customers
  • Utilise digital technology to promote your business, increase efficiency, and engage with customers

Growth Vouchers can only be used to source advice for business advice in a recommended category that deals exclusively with growth.


How does it work?

Once you have applied to become entered into the Growth Vouchers programme, you will need to fill in an online questionnaire or have a face-to-face business assessment. Once this stage has been completed, your business will be randomly provided with a voucher worth up to £2,000 to put towards the services of an accredited strategic business advisor. Your company will need to put in £2,000 as well.

With your funding in place, you can then begin to search the accredited list for a business advisor to work with you on growing your business.

You must pay for the services upfront, and then put in a request to the government to recover 50% of the total costs.


What areas can Big Aspect help me with?

We can provide strategic business advice on:

Customer retention – Helping you to keep your existing customers coming back to you again and again.

Marketing strategies – Helping you to devise marketing strategies that makes the best use of your available funds.

Online marketing – How to use social media platforms and other online advertising to engage with customers, announce special offers, and launch new products.

Sales and Profits – How to increase your sales and maximise your profits.

Research – How to conduct market research so you can target customer groups to maximise sales, develop new ranges, and add value to your brand.

Customer services – How to streamline your processes and train your staff to provide exemplary customer service.


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