Google Campus

Google Campus

Google Campus

Monday, 1st April 2013

Google Campus is a 7 storey building ideally located in the center of the Old Street, London, also known by the name of Silicon Roundabout. The building’s main purposes are to host events, and provide office spaces for promising start-ups. Moreover, Google Campus holds mentoring events with the Google staff that are eager to share their knowledge with the residents.

The architectural focus was to somehow connect the ground floor and the lower floors so as to host socializing events and make the transition easier. The most important aspect was to make the 7 storey building, which initially was a plain office building, a place where people could learn from the more experienced while they could socialize and improve human connections as well. Google Campus followed the Googleplex model from California, where the main focus of the architect was to create a building that, unlike most offices, would give employees the chance to enjoy a laid-back environment due to the creative design. Being an ideal place for workers, both Google Campus and Googleplex are two of the most inspiring office buildings.

The reception desk at the entrance is mostly made out of Lego bricks, which makes an impression on every single person who comes in. An ideal place for start-up entrepreneurs, Google Campus offers all the facilities that a business needs in order to turn into a successful trademark.

As most Google devotees know, this flourishing company is highly admired for its affinity towards green transportation means, such as bicycles.  As a result, Google Campus’ offers 40 bicycle stations for all the eco businessmen working in or visiting the building. Googleplex follows the exact same model, aiming to encourage more and more people to use bicycles instead of cars or public transportation.

The Google Campus building is ideally divided into spaces such as a ground floor café, plenty of workspace, events rooms, and other useful facilities. The total floor area has around 2300 square meters; there are more than 200 desk spaces, 16 meeting rooms, 2 event and presentation spaces and a lovely cafeteria.

Being a tremendous success since its inception, Google Campus is almost fully occupied, only about 10% being still available. There are around 60 permanent residents and more than 4500 registered users at the Google Campus. These users have access to the lower ground floors, cafeteria and free internet connection provided by the Campus.

If you are of mind to get an office at the Google Campus in London, you should know that the environment that this building provides is highly advisable for any start-up that aims to turn into a prosperous business. Besides the creative and smartly designed space that the building offers, Google Campus strives to organize inspiring, up to date events that are meant to take the entrepreneurs one step further in implementing their ideas.