Empowering a young casual dining business to become one of the UK’s most innovative and successful franchises

Empowering a young casual dining business to become one of the UK’s most innovative and successful franchises

The client was a healthy, fast food operator who had launched their business in 2006 and had enjoyed considerable success in London, employing 70 staff, satisfying more than 2,000 customers daily and achieving an annual revenue in excess of £2.5m. Energised by this success, but aware of the struggling economy, they realised that the huge UK franchise industry, estimated to be worth £13.7 billion, presented the best opportunity of accelerating their expansion plans. However, their organisation was struggling to perform at an administrative level; ill-equipped to manage their business relationships, using outdated marketing material, having no staff able to deal with queries and none to engage with potential franchisees or negotiate sales, stymied by a lack of potential sites for expansion and stalled by an inability to secure funding for this expansion. With our breadth of experience in providing guidance and strategic organisational planning to franchises, they turned to Big Aspect for help.

We started by reorganising their infrastructure, introducing a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) system, which had the immediate effect of streamlining their business and making it more administratively efficient. We then set about strengthening the channels of franchisees acquisition, raising awareness with advertising on the client’s website and at franchising events, and developing up-to-date, high-end marketing material. This enabled them to work more efficiently, make the best use of their time and resources, and define their brand’s image.

Part of their problem was communication within their own company, so we created a cloud-based knowledge hub and made it available to all staff in the organisation, meaning that queries could be dealt with by multiple employees. In regard to the raising of capital and new locations, we crafted a more robust funding plan which contained all the covenants and measures lenders were looking for and reassured them that the business truly had potential, and developed a new site proposal which demonstrated the sustainability and value of the company, and which won landlords over to choosing the client for a tenant.

With the national side of the business finally under control, we turned our attention to the international franchise rights package, developing a programme, working out agreements with lawyers, and resolving intellectual property right issues.

To sum up, Big Aspect’s involvement accomplished the following:

  • Made client more aware of channels which provided the most worthy sales leads.
  • Streamlined their business infrastructure
  • Secured the desired two new sites within an agreed timeframe
  • Increased revenue by 17%, and stabilised future provisioning with our partner recommendations which saved more than £100,000
  • Developed improved advertising campaigns
  • Provided client with more suitable franchisee candidates and investors

By the end of our involvement, the client had opened their two new stores, increasing their turnover by £1 million pounds, with their franchisees accounting for 40% of the company’s monthly sales. They have also been able to secure the funding to open a further 50 stores