Case Studies

Engineering and Pharma

Restructuring financial plans to enable a London-based engineering and utility consultancy to expand and support emerging healthcare markets in South East Asia and Africa

Healthcare is experiencing huge growth in South East Asia, with governments implementing reforms to provide universal healthcare for their citizens, whilst encouraging growth in the private healthcare sector. As such, the demand for a healthcare infrastructure is rapidly increasing with a need for hospitals, clinics and specialist health centres, which all require the basic utility services, such as compressors, boilers and chillers. This in turn leads to a need for related services, namely the provision of food and pharmaceuticals.

An engineering and utility company, based in London and specialising in pharmacological and food support, was ready to respond to this demand. They already had a wealth of experience in providing their clients with project and engineering management services within the UK and Europe, and were often required to provide ongoing, long-term support. Aware that the South East Asia market threw up different challenges, they approached Big Aspect to help them adapt their business and financial plans to secure seed funding for expansion into this arena.

Our first step was to organise a discovery meeting with the consultancy to enable us to fully understand their business, how it was organised, and how it worked on a day-to-day basis. We were able to expose the assumptions inherent in the industry, as well as analyse and evaluate historical and competitive data. With this information, we were able to identify the business’s potential, as well as its competition and market opportunities.

We deployed our financial modelling experts to restructure their financial plans to make them more suitable for meeting their target market objectives for the next three years. These accurate and sustainable financial plans demonstrated the potential growth of the business and encouraged investors, so much so that the consultancy was able to secure the seed funding they required for a successful expansion into South East Asia, which they intend to make later this year. Once they have secured a foothold in South East Asia, they intend to replicate our financial formula to make a gradual expansion into other Asian and African marketplaces.


Supporting the Mayor of London’s Regeneration initiatives by providing growth and sustainability support to some of London’s most distressed business areas

All of London has suffered from the economic crisis, but perhaps none more so than the London borough of Croydon. In 2011, the rioters who rampaged throughout the capital reached Croydon, and caused significant physical damage to the borough, with shops looted and businesses burnt down. The effects of the 2011 riots are still being felt in this area to this day and as a result, the Croydon business community has suffered in terms of finance, community involvement, and support.

A local charity wanted to change this. As the key local umbrella infrastructure body servicing all of Croydon’s multi-cultural communities, they sought to provide various services to assist small groups, large charities, volunteers, and social enterprises through every stage of their development. But they were hampered by inexperience in business planning and asked the advice of the Croydon Enterprise Hub, who recommended us as a premier business advisory consultancy.

Over a period of five months, we worked closely with the charity to achieve the regeneration of Croydon and stimulate economic growth. We deployed our business advisor who had in-depth local knowledge of the area and an understanding of the needs of the local companies to devise both short and long-term business plans and advise on marketing. We used our knowledge of charity formation and business planning to set up workshops and initiate a mentoring service. The feedback we received from those we had helped in this way was highly encouraging, and we were able to collaborate further with the Enterprise Hub on a number of business support functions. Our experience and input meant that Croydon businesses were able to implement immediate changes which fulfilled their needs and gave them breathing space to develop strategies for their long-term business development and growth.


How the development of a digital strategy transformed a bricks and mortar Oriental food company into a successful online food provider

The UK takeaway industry is currently worth approximately $8bn and is set to increase as more and more people turn away from the telephone and look to the convenience of the internet to source their meals. London has the greatest number of takeaways in the UK with a 13.7% share, and as home to more than 7.5 million residents, it is more important than ever that London-based restaurants and other food providers in particular develop an online presence as well as their bricks and mortar establishment, to provide information about their company and the food they offer, as well as making vital contact with their customers via social media to build a loyal fan base and strengthen their brand.

The main problem our Docklands-based client had was that they were unsure how to go about developing this area of their business, coupled with an inability to take on additional employees who were experienced in implementing a digital presence. We managed to solve this problem by providing them with access to the skills and knowledge base of our Digital Marketing and Food and Beverage teams, delivering to the client a thorough understanding of the digital marketing tools available to them.

Working closely with our client, we developed a digital strategy to establish a greater presence online, and thereby enable them to engage with their customers on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. We made them aware of the positive effects on consumer awareness a company blog could have, such as giving the company a personal ‘face’ as well as providing opportunities for customers to submit feedback, and we were able to provide them with regular content for inclusion. In addition, the creation of a company database served as a hub of information to power the company’s promotional offers and execute special deals.

Before long, the company was able to enjoy marked success thanks to two new digital marketing campaigns which broadened the scope of the business and brought their product to a much wider audience. The business showed record profits over the Christmas period, and the campaigns had led to a 70% increase in customer engagement via social media.

Following on from these achievements, we are now working towards the development of an ordering system where their faithful and discerning customers can order their authentic Oriental food online.

Franchise Chain

Empowering a young casual dining business to become one of the UK’s most innovative and successful franchises

The client was a healthy, fast food operator who had launched their business in 2006 and had enjoyed considerable success in London, employing 70 staff, satisfying more than 2,000 customers daily and achieving an annual revenue in excess of £2.5m. Energised by this success, but aware of the struggling economy, they realised that the huge UK franchise industry, estimated to be worth £13.7 billion, presented the best opportunity of accelerating their expansion plans. However, their organisation was struggling to perform at an administrative level; ill-equipped to manage their business relationships, using outdated marketing material, having no staff able to deal with queries and none to engage with potential franchisees or negotiate sales, stymied by a lack of potential sites for expansion and stalled by an inability to secure funding for this expansion. With our breadth of experience in providing guidance and strategic organisational planning to franchises, they turned to Big Aspect for help.

We started by reorganising their infrastructure, introducing a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) system, which had the immediate effect of streamlining their business and making it more administratively efficient. We then set about strengthening the channels of franchisees acquisition, raising awareness with advertising on the client’s website and at franchising events, and developing up-to-date, high-end marketing material. This enabled them to work more efficiently, make the best use of their time and resources, and define their brand’s image.

Part of their problem was communication within their own company, so we created a cloud-based knowledge hub and made it available to all staff in the organisation, meaning that queries could be dealt with by multiple employees. In regard to the raising of capital and new locations, we crafted a more robust funding plan which contained all the covenants and measures lenders were looking for and reassured them that the business truly had potential, and developed a new site proposal which demonstrated the sustainability and value of the company, and which won landlords over to choosing the client for a tenant.

With the national side of the business finally under control, we turned our attention to the international franchise rights package, developing a programme, working out agreements with lawyers, and resolving intellectual property right issues.

To sum up, Big Aspect’s involvement accomplished the following:

  • Made client more aware of channels which provided the most worthy sales leads.
  • Streamlined their business infrastructure
  • Secured the desired two new sites within an agreed timeframe
  • Increased revenue by 17%, and stabilised future provisioning with our partner recommendations which saved more than £100,000
  • Developed improved advertising campaigns
  • Provided client with more suitable franchisee candidates and investors

By the end of our involvement, the client had opened their two new stores, increasing their turnover by £1 million pounds, with their franchisees accounting for 40% of the company’s monthly sales. They have also been able to secure the funding to open a further 50 stores