Restructuring financial plans to enable a London-based engineering and utility consultancy to expand and support emerging healthcare markets in South East Asia and Africa

Healthcare is experiencing huge growth in South East Asia, with governments implementing reforms to provide universal healthcare for their citizens, whilst encouraging growth in the private healthcare sector. As such, the demand for a healthcare infrastructure is rapidly increasing with a need for hospitals, clinics and specialist health centres, which all require the basic utility services, such as compressors, boilers and chillers. This in turn leads to a need for related services, namely the provision of food and pharmaceuticals. An engineering and utility company, based in London and specialising in pharmacological and food support, was ready to respond to this demand. They already had a wealth of experience in providing their clients with project and engineering management services within the UK and Europe, and were often required to provide ongoing, long-term support. Aware that the South East Asia market threw up different challenges, they approached Big Aspect to help them adapt their business and financial plans to secure seed funding for expansion into this arena. Our first step was to organise a discovery meeting with the consultancy to enable us to fully understan

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