Empowering a young casual dining business to become one of the UK’s most innovative and successful franchises

The client was a healthy, fast food operator who had launched their business in 2006 and had enjoyed considerable success in London, employing 70 staff, satisfying more than 2,000 customers daily and achieving an annual revenue in excess of £2.5m. Energised by this success, but aware of the struggling economy, they realised that the huge UK franchise industry, estimated to be worth £13.7 billion, presented the best opportunity of accelerating their expansion plans. However, their organisation was struggling to perform at an administrative level; ill-equipped to manage their business relationships, using outdated marketing material, having no staff able to deal with queries and none to engage with potential franchisees or negotiate sales, stymied by a lack of potential sites for expansion and stalled by an inability to secure funding for this expansion. With our breadth of experience in providing guidance and strategic organisational planning to franchises, they turned to Big Aspect for help. We started by reorganising their infrastructure, introducing a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) system, which had the immediate effect of streamlining their business and

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